I'm going to be honest with you, I am a really good friend! I never eat the last piece of pizza, I won't leave you hangin' on a high-five, and I'll never forget to buy you a drink on your b-day. I'm 27 years old, and I really like the Internet. You can tell by all those links at the top. I'm LinkedIn on Facebook & Twitter, but if you have a question just click this. I live in Southern California, I love sunsets, & I'm almost always on the phone. In 2007, Current TV followed me around for a weekend & made this video

Since then I've helped to establish tech brands as household names, I hosted a live show for 365 straight days & one year I gave my mom 404 yard gnomes for Christmas. I've guided celebrities & brands through the digital space, and I try to make new friends everywhere I go.

If you're on any of the sites like the Twitters, or Googles, MySpaces, or Friendsters,.. lets take this relationship to the next level. Like I said, I'm a really good friend. Just ask Chris.

Have fun,